Subsidies for wood stoves

Depending on the municipality you live in, a subsidy of 100,000yen - 300,000 yen may be provided to purchase a wood stove.
Feel free to contact us for more details.

Stove repair and chimney sweeping

We repair wood stoves and offer a chimney cleaning service. To maintain your wood stove properly, sweeping the chimney is indispensable. We offer this service for a reasonable price of 25,000 yen (excluding consumption tax and shipping). We are confident that we can provide a consistent and reliable service, from stove installation to maintenance.

Purchasing firewood

In 2021 we began selling firewood.
We sell oak firewood for 450 yen per bundle (excluding consumption tax), and regular firewood for 400 yen per bundle (excluding consumption tax).

Wood Stove Saimon

The charm of wood stoves and fireplaces:
In Scandinavia, a wood-burning stove is placed at the center of the house to symbolize a warm family.
The heat of wood stoves can gently surround people and warm their hearts.
These stoves look way more charming than electric stoves or kerosene stoves.
The satisfaction of cutting the wood → drying the wood→ setting fire to the firewood → warming up → cooking on the woodstove is priceless
In this busy modern world, you will have the best time relaxing in front of your stove

Some things to keep in mind when choosing a wood stove:
1. Choose a durable item that does not break easily
What should you base your decision on when selecting a wood stove? Performance? Design? Price? Durability is the most important quality in a stove.
If a stove breaks, it costs about 100,000yen to repair.
High-performance catalytic stoves have many parts and tend to be fragile. But don't worry. We will help you select a hybrid model that will not break easily.
2.If the design is important to you
Consider the length of firewood you are going to use carefully before choosing a stove.
3.If a good price is important to you
As of October 2015, many importers have raised the prices.
However, we still have some stoves in the 150,000 yen - 200,000 yen range, contact us if interested.
4. If you live in the city
If you plan on using the stove in the city and are concerned about odors and smoke, choose a high-performance stove.
5. Wood-burning stoves to burn coniferous wood
We also offer wood-burning stoves that can burn coniferous wood. These stoves have a triple structure of refractory bricks, iron plates, and castings. Feel free to contact us for more information.
6. Double chimneys
There are more than 10 types of double chimneys. It is important to know the material of the double chimney. Try to choose an item made of materials that are listed and specified. There are double chimneys that among their materials have stainless steel including rare metals. There are various items made in the UK or China, but it is important to note that even some of the well-known imported goods are expensive but do not have elevated quality.
7. Cleaning double chimneys
Some stove shops say that you don't have to clean the double chimney, but this is a misconception. You have to clean your double chimney once or twice a year. If for some reason a fire occurs inside the flue, it will burn at 800~1000℃ .
8. There tend to be shortages of Japanese Oak (Nara) and Sawtooth Oak (Kunugi)
A lot of firewood has become unusable due to the cesium scattered in the mountains after the nuclear accident in Fukushima Prefecture. There is a shortage of firewood. The cultivation of Shiitake mushrooms and the manufacture of dried bonito are being prioritized and this results in shortages of woods like Japanese Oak (Nara) and Sawtooth Oak (Kunugi). If you have trouble getting firewood, contact us as we have wood stoves that can burn not only Japanese Oak (Nara) and Sawtooth Oak (Kunugi) but also coniferous wood like Pine.
9. About heavy rains and roofing
There are materials such as aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. The fragility differs depending on the material, but the material is difficult to understand at the time of purchase. Stainless steel is the most durable, and zinc and aluminum are the most fragile. Be sure to check the material when purchasing. With the know-how cultivated over many years, we have our selection of products for heavy rains and roofing, so feel free to consult us.

Maintenance and Installations

At Wood Stove Saimon, we sell wood-burning stoves, install them, and do maintenance work all over Nagano prefecture.
We are wood stove experts, and we can help you make the most out of your wood stove experience.
As we talk about how wonderful these stoves are, we would like for everyone to experience them in safety.

Contact us for maintenance and installations.

Saimon Firewood Station

A wood stove requires firewood. If you love wood-burning stoves and wish to use your stove to its fullest potential, you will need a significant quantity of firewood.
Luckily we can help.
Saimon set up a firewood station to help you enjoy a comfortable wood-burning stove experience. We supply high-quality firewood, you can come to the store and pick up the firewood you need.

Note that currently, we do not deliver, we only sell at our store.
Order in advance as firewood goes out of stock after December.